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Voulunteers and New Members Wanted


Is the wife pressuring you to get out of the house more?


​Is your husband driving you loco?​​


 No matter your age or skill level, we are always happy to accept new members or volunteers.​ 


While we have many dedicated and knowledgeable members that have built their own locomotives and rolling stock, It is not just about that.


As long as you have a keen interest in the activities we provide, everybody is welcome.

Membership options are also available for interested people that aren't located in the Hawkes Bay!

Whether it's locomotive driving, track work, signal operations, gardening or kitchen crew, all work is done on a voluntary basis.

​We are here to help you learn new skills and develop life long friendships.

​If you are interested, please feel free to contact us either by email or by approaching a member on one of our running days. 

We would ask that prospective members attend a few working bees and running days before their membership is granted.

​However, due to the nature of our operation, the hazards involved and the necessity to deal with members of the public, we reserve the right to decline any applicant for membership within reason.

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