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Did you know?

There are currently 50 members of the Havelock North Live Steamers Club, from Havelock North, Hastings, Napier, Foxton, Upper Hutt, Raumati, Dannevirke, Palmerston North, Levin, Auckland, Lower Hutt, Rotorua, Feilding, Raetihi, and even some from the UK, and Canada.

Member profiles

Here's a brief introduction to some of our members and visitors and their locos.

Brian Koehler

Brian Koehler.

I became interested in trains at a very early age. I started with HO Marklin and was a very active member with the European Model Railway Club in Palmerston North and progressed to a G scale 45mm gauge garden railway. While in Palmerston North the club had the opportunity to visit Keirunga Park in 1988 and I was very impressed in the building of the track.

In 1989 I shifted to Napier and joined the Havelock North Live Steamers in 2004. Since then I have been a very active member, have been general manager and in 2015 became President.

I own an 0-6-0 Canadian shunting loco in Canadian Pacific colours. the loco is powered by a 6 1/2 hp Kohler engine (no bias here!) to an Eaton hydraulic gearbox. We run on most of our running days and have visited several other clubs.

Kathy Murphy

Kathy Murphy.

My name is Kathy Murphy. I have been a member of Keirunga Park Railway for over 12 years. We used to take our grandchildren (now 16 and 18) for rides on the trains and the kind friendly staff at Keirunga were so helpful we decided we would become members and help out but NEVER to own a train. In 2007 our train Eeyore (the-never-to-own-a-train) became a reality and a new stage in our train lives began. Eeyore is a replica of a T.R.Price shunter named for my love of the Disney donkey. The club has given us many opportunities for trips away and to like-minded train enthusiasts from around the country. I am part of the merry band of helpers that provide meals for the many hungry mouths on train days and also on open weekends.

Like many NZers my love of trains stems from train rides as a child. Brian, Eeyore and myself will continue our train journey both on miniature and the "big boys" for many years to come (the passing of a NZR log train in the background of my photo is purely coincendental)!

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy.

I first became interested in Keirunga Park Railway when friends and workmates told me about the trains. After visiting with my grandchildren and getting to know the members we decided to join. I learnt to use the signal box and to drive the club train but we made the decision never to buy a train.

Well, in 2007 we bought a small petrol engine called "Tweety Bird" and with a new coat of paint my wife Kathy named our train "Eeyore". I went on the committee a year later and in 2011 became president for a couple of years. By now, we were total train buffs and even own a house beside the railway tracks in Hastings.

I enjoy going to the track every fortnight and I get the most enjoyment from the smiles on the faces of the young and old as they ride the trains.

My vision for the club is to keep up the high standard of workmanship that has been set out by those past members and to foster the social side of trains by visiting other tracks as a club.

Warren Blackburn

Warren driving his loco

"Mr Stationmaster" Warren Blackburn owns a 0-6-0 centre-cab shunter known as "Val". It is based on a GE 44-tonner and carries the colour scheme based on an adaption of the Great Northern Railway's "Big Sky Blue" colour scheme.

The loco uses a mobility scooter motor rewound for 24 volts driving a gearbox and a chain drive to the axles. Power is supplied by two 12-volt 130 amperes/hours deep-cycle batteries, and is capable of hauling four adults.

He had a lot of help building "Val" with friends, club members and business acquaintances providing the expertise.

Read more information about the 44-tonner on the Bison Rail website.

Warren grew up in a railway household where his father drove for the NZR in the days of steam in the central North Island.

John Keenan

John Keenan driving his loco

John Keenan is a "train-spotter" from the UK who came to New Zealand in 1964, and currently works for a local authority.

John's present loco is a Price TR shunter which was built by John Romanes several years ago. It has been repowered with a 5 horsepower Tecumseh engine driving through an Eaton hydraulic pump, with chain drive to both axles.

Read about the TR shunter on the TrainWeb website and view a photo.

John joined the Havelock Live Steamers club as a signalman when it first opened, and is a past president and currently Secretary/Treasurer.

Daryl and Gerard Moat

Daryl and Gerard Moat with their Koppel.

Daryl and Gerard Moat own a Koppel locomotive. It is based on a loco made by Orenstein and Koppel-Arthur Koppel in Berlin 1914. The loco is a gear driven coal fired loco originally used in the cement works in France. Only two full-size engines were ever made. The miniature version shown in the photo above was built in the mid 1980s by Bob Walters, and has been owned by Daryl since he joined the club in 1992. Daryl admitted that he really wanted to be a pilot, but had to settle for being a train driver!

Mike Hartle

Mike Hartle.

Mike is the owner/builder of DG760, a custom-built locomotive based on the original DG760 which was recabbed in 1978. The carriage named DG787 was built as a drive carriage and was designed to look like a slave unit. It carries 4 passengers and the driver. You can visit Mike's website to see the story of the building of the locomotive and carriage, and photo gallery.

Mike is a motor mechanic by trade who has had a lifelong interest in trains.