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Did you know?

The longest train ever was a freight train operated by BHP Iron Ore, at Port Hedland, Australia. The train was 7.353 km long, with 682 cars, and 8 diesel/electric engines. The trip was 275 kms and occurred on 21 June 2001.


Keirunga Park Railway is located in Puflett Road, Havelock North, New Zealand.

Google Maps - Keirunga Park Railway. The purple ring shows the location.

View and print a map of the area. Use zoom to see the location from the Havelock North shopping centre and a closeup.

Driving instructions: From the Havelock North shopping centre, head up Joll Road, then turn right into Tanner Street, and left into Pufflett Road. There are signposts marking the way.

There is plenty of free parking, and public viewing areas for disabled people and mothers with prams. Access to the track is via a pedestrian overbridge. Tickets for rides are usually obtained from the stationmaster who manages arrivals and departures from the station. Tickets are $2 per ride, or $15 for 12 rides.

You can also buy postcards, badges and the Keirunga Park DVD at the station.

Opening hours

The railway is open to the public on the first and third Sunday of each month (weather permitting) and rides are available between the hours of 11.00 am and 4.00 pm.

The Keirunga Park Railway is also open to the public during the same hours over the four days of Easter and Labour Weekends, when the club is joined by visiting locomotives and their drivers from other clubs around New Zealand. This is a great opportunity to see many different steam, diesel and electric locos on display.

Aerial photographs

Local photographer Tim Whittaker took these great aerial shots of Keirunga Park Railway.

View larger version.

View larger version.

View larger version.

View larger version.

View larger version.